How Tsu Lin ++ evolved over the years

(Still work in progress finding the older designs)

Circa June 2007 : Coinciding with Shean Wenn's first birthday.

Circa Dec 2008

Circa Feb 2009

May 2009

This is the first blog header that was not designed by me. It was designed by Roslyn when I won a contest on her blog. Much thanks!

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A good banner is like a door welcoming visitors and potential customers to your office/website. It creates a good first impression and helps you clinch a sale.

Here are some sample of my banner work (Updated frequently) :


Client's brief : To update a tired looking old website. Sleek & refreshing design with matching buttons.

Outcome : Higher throughput & increased sale (15%) in just two week.


Client's brief : Create a new banner for a new website promoting racing horse selection services. Target to a broad market of customers. Traditional approach & concept.

Outcome : First sale on second day upon launching.
Small banner advertisements are a great way to promote your website/business/online business on your affiliates' sites. A good ad will capture the essence of what you do and attract a "click through" within 3 seconds of a viewer reading it.

Below are some samples of my work measuring : 160 by 160 pixels

Please contact me at tsulinplusplus[at] for more info to help your business and help spread the word!

Since 2008, I have been experimenting, learning, exploring and creating works of digital art - mainly Banners and website-related stuff (buttons, photo-editing).

I started learning Adobe Photoshop years back, I have asked a friend on a "crash-course" to using basic functions on Photoshop for a department project (it turned out GREAT! Everyone was impressed). We sat in a cafe the whole day, surviving on cups of teas/coffes and some cakes.

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I had the liberty of not working and hence stayed at home learning more and more about Photoshop. Eventually, I found out about digital scrapbooking and got hooked.

My hobby evolved over time, and I have improved on certain techniques.. Of course everyday is a learning experience. "We are never too old to learn" is my mantra.

And since I am not contributing financially to the household, I figured it is about time I do. Please support me in any way you could - if you know anyone who needs a simple web-art service, photo editing, I would love to hear about it!

Contact me a : tsulinplusplus[at]
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